Borosilis glass cups and mugs

Glassilis Cups and Mugs


      Welcome to our collection of glass mugs and cups! Most of them are made from high-quality, durable borosilicate glass, these products offer a beautiful and functional addition to your daily routine. Here you will find a selection of double layer cups, double layer mugs, espresso cups and much more.

      What sets borosilicate glass apart is its unique double-layer design, which provides superior insulation for hot and cold beverages. The double-layer construction helps keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, so you can savor every sip without worrying about your beverage getting too hot or too cold.

      In addition to their functional benefits, borosilicate mugs and cups are also incredibly beautiful. The double-layer design creates a striking visual effect, making these products a stylish addition to any home or office. The glass itself is crystal clear, allowing you to appreciate the color and texture of your favorite beverages.

      Our borosilicate mugs and cups come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a classic design or something more modern, we have something to suit your taste.

      For example, take a look at our magnificent Bologna double layer glass tilt cup, perfect for enjoying your favorite hot beverage.

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