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Glassilis Bottles

Bottles are containers typically made of glass, plastic, or metal, and are used to store and transport liquids or other substances. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small vials to large carboys. Airtight seals for preserving freshness, specialized closures for dispensing precise amounts.

Glassilis coffee & teapots

"Glass coffee and teapots are designed with high-quality which is known for its durability and thermal resistance. "Elevate your coffee and tea game with borosilicate glass."

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Double-Layer Coffee Mug

A double-layer coffee mug is a type of mug that is designed with two layers of heat resistant glass, separated by a vacuum or insulating layer of air. This design provides several benefits for coffee drinkers, including increased insulation to keep drinks hotter for longer, while also keeping the outer layer cool to the touch.Double-layer coffee mugs are often used for hot beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, but can also be used for cold drinks.

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Beautiful mug. Arrived extremely well packed. Great communication with nice seller. Good light product. Quality excellent. Good packing.Thanks!

Barbara T

I love this water bottle, the filter allows for cleaner and better tasting water, the insulation keeps water colder for longer.


This teapot is amazing. Perfect size to make two/ three full cups of tea.It feels so delicate but heats up water quickly like a champ on my stove.


May your tea glass search end here. Exceptionally light and clean glassware. They are beautifully designed and perfect for everyday use.

monica f.

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